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Is there no recourse?

Appellate practice and trial support specialists


For more than thirty years Wasson & Associates has provided its clients with dedicated representation as lead counsel in hundreds of federal and state court appeals. It has complemented its appellate practice by serving in a trial support role in thousands of trial level cases. The firm has represented corporations and individuals in a varied and wide-ranging practice, including civil, criminal and administrative matters, at both the state and federal level. Its practice has included the representation of clients in franchise disputes and other commercial matters, defamation, contract interference, real estate disputes, probate litigation, product liability claims, civil rights actions, contested family court cases, federal and state criminal appeals. While committed to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, the legal team at Wasson & Associates enjoys the regard of its peers who seek them out to meet the appellate needs of their clients, and provide responsive, accurate counsel during trial.

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